A collection of notes and resources that I have gathered from the internet. Work on progress.

Some of the notes are my own, they are posted on my tumblr. This website will aggregate and keep track of questions I respond(ed) to on tumblr. (I’ve run that site for like 4 years, at this point I can data mine myself.) This serves to keep things clean and “pro” since my tumblr is 1. overly politicized, 2. way too “hip”/”alt” for ya’ll, 3. has pictures of nekkid ppl sometimes,

Articles and sources links to published academic papers (optimally a free version of the paper if I can find it), archive websites for certain subjects (psychoanalysis, marxism, and non-philosophy) and other blogs.

Books links to a variety of “books” I’m using for research or find to be particularly interesting/relevant. Most of the links provide free versions.

Personnages links to theory buds, my professors and philosophers I’m studying, their personal pages, blogs or accounts.


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