[Notes and summaries to come. Presented in no particular order. Links will be to a free version or the google books version if unavailable. Will be updated semi-frequently]


Being and EventAlain Badiou [my notes and commentary on the premier sections which I gave as a presentation in an independant study as an undergrad: 1, 2.]

ConditionsAlain Badiou

Difference and RepititionGilles Deleuze

Genesis and Structure of Hegel’s Phenomenology of SpiritJean Hyppolite [an extensive part of my plan of concentration as an undergraduate was on G&S.]

Hegel and AristotleAlfredo Ferrarin

Introduction to the Reading of HegelAlexandre Kojève  [the first major section of my undergraduate plan of concentration was on Kojève.]

Libidinal EconomyJean-Francois Lyotard

The Logic of DesirePeter Kalkavage

Logic and ExistenceJean Hyppolite [here is a useful essay explaining why Hyppolite was essential for the transition to post-structuralism and the reaction against Hegel. I also address this in my essay on Hegel’s theory of error and failure.]

Subjects of DesireJudith Butler

Specters of MarxJacques Derrida [see my essay on Derrida and Agamben’s theory of “the specter” here]

Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics, Fernando Zalamea

NuditiesGeorgio Abamben


Seminar X: Anxiety, Jacques Lacan

The Enigma of WomanSarah Kofman


Philosophy and Non-Philosophy, François Laruelle

Nihil-Unbound, Ray Brassier


Karl Marx’s Theory of HistoryG.A. Cohen

A Companion to Marx’s CapitalDavid Harvey

Limits of CapitalDavid Harvey

Marxism and ScienceGavin Kitching

Political Philosophy:

Collected Papers, John Rawls

Theory of JusticeJohn Rawls


Making the Social Sciences More Scientific: the need for predictive modelsRien Taagepera

Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History, Susan Buck-Morss


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